Aug 26, 2011
wasaga beach
2002 vert
thanks for everyones advice and insight to my issues with my acting up issues with active handling.I purchased my 24 year dream late last August, 2002 C5 vert with 41,000k on it for 24,500.00…I think I did pretty good on it for price. Took it to the dealer and as I mentioned it to the lead mechanic, he stated that it wouldnt be the grounds or wiring in the door as he was the one who prepared the car for the lot and it was great to hear that it was one of the cleanest cars hes ever seen !
Thursday he replaced the steering wheel position sensor…picked it up and then headed south for a 4 hour trec…no issues…

Thanks again everyone, looking forward to my first cruise with fellow vetters!
We've got a wealth of knowledge here on CCF and love to share it.
Manny is help occasionally too but he's usually too dang busy for anyone's questions here.
Glad we could help.

We'd be honoured to have your company (with the vette of course) at the 4th Annual Coping Charity and Corvette meet May 26th, starts at 8am (to 12) where we're all looking forward to meeting all the members and seeing their beauty rides.-- and all for a good cause.
Be sure to mark it on your calendar.



Hi Manny -- how's she hangin' bro?:D

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