Jun 12, 2014
Hi my 95 coupe auto just started screeching at the compressor, Its not the belt. So any ideas what I'm looking at to repair. I looked at you tube and they seem to point towards Bearing and clutch plate. I'm not sure what I'm looking at if I do it myself. Any ideas would help.
Thanks Randy
Can be a clutch bearing or a slipping clutch. Does the a/c work? Is the noise only there when the a/c is on? Is the noise cycling with the compressor?

Noise is just when I turn on the a/c. The noise is so bad I can't keep it on to see if it cools. So the system is still charged as the clutch engages when I turn the a/c on. So you are saying a clutch disc or the bearing.
If it's the bearing, you can purchase a new bearing for about $30 and if it's the clutch, that is about $150-250 from rockauto, assuming you can do the work yourself. Not sure what a new compressor costs.

However, if you want someone else to do the work, you are in the right area. Give Manny Dasilva a call and he'll take care of you. Dasilva Motorsports
Before purchassing any parts, you will have to check if the compressor isin't seize. If the systeme and engine are off, you should be abble to tur the front plate by hand with some effort but no tool required. If it dosen't turn, you will have to call at Dasilva to get it fix (you need expensive equipement and knoledge to go further) Good luck. Stephane
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