If you do that for Ontario, the title will be longer than most threads! Don't worry about it, Aaron's feelings won't be hurt because he wasn't included, he drives a Monte.
Hey guys!
Welcome, and thanks for the comment. Hahaha, Ontario would take up the whole page! We are going to continue modifying the site and if there is enough interest, we may split it up into two area codes. Ontario may have to be split up, we don't know yet. It just depends on the population density in that area code and how many Corvettes they have! Glad you guys are here.

Get enough people from the 778 area, and we may just give you your own section! Welcome Dave. I hope you find this a great place to hang out and enjoy yourself here.

Thanks - this forum is a good idea. 778 is everywhere on the lower mainland - I'm in 604 and my neighbor is 778, as are a lot of cell phones...
I'm not clear on why the area codes are in the headings in the first place. But I'm thinking that because there is an ever-increasing number of phone area codes, why not eliminate the code numbers from the headings altogether and just use the province names that are already there?
The original idea with the area codes is that we can split up the regional sections further if there are a large numbers of members in each area code region. This way people can post topics that are relevant to their area, and search for meet-ups close to where they live without having to search through a large number of threads. The area codes are just a tool to help you find topics, or other people in your area, they are not a rigid boundary that you must stay in. For now, the member count is such that regions by province is sufficient, but as we grow, it will be nice to have this option if we need it. Please remember that we like to hear your input. If you have questions, let us know. Thanks!
Thoughts from Vancouver Island

I absolutely agree with the intent of the area code format. But I don't think area codes are specific enough to achieve the objective of clustering topics relevant to viewers in their area. Area codes, as they currently exist are not specific enough. Rather than being exclusive, they are too inclusive.
For example: in BC the 250 area code applies to Vancover Island plus most of the rest of the province that isn't considered "Lower Mainland".
Distance, time, and costs (ferries) preclude most V.Is.folk from whipping up to Penticton, Kelowna, or Kamloops to take in an afternoon show & shine or a cruise-in. So because of time, distance, and costs, gearheads are most likely to search out events in their geographical region. I'm thinking that under the provincial heading, OP's could flag their announcements with their regional identity. Eg: if posting an announcement for BC viewers, include (in bold to catch their attention) the sub-heading of Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Southern Interior, or Northern Interior.
I realize my suggestion may not be the best way to achieve the objective; but it's one way. Let's hear from other CCF members. What other ways can you think of to "skin this cat"? :seeya:
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