Dec 26, 2009
Ponoka, AB.
2014 C7 3LT Z51
Ok guys I just got word back from the manager of the Canalta hotel (formerly Super 8 and she would be very happy to once again have her parking lot full of vettes!
So the date is set for Saturday July 5th start time 9:30am!
We will call this our 2nd attempt at our annual Ponoka Meet & Greet! We will put the word out to the locals. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and a bunch of new faces.

That's too bad Dick. You should come out anyway with a normal car!

Yeah, I'm considering to swing by anyway. A friend just moved back to Alberta from Cuba. He now lives in Camrose. I can hit both towns the same day.

Now that I'm in the market for an upgrade I'll take a bit more time to talk to members with newer rides.

I was soooooo hoping she wasn't going to be hearing about this!!:rofl:
Anyway Riley were you coming this way in the vette or stang...........if the stang I will be sure to let my good ole friend to bring his out as well.

We can bring Stangs......... cool! I have one! :)

Ponoka horse event...... and a few Corvettes! ;)


BUT I don't own any Dodge products........ no thanks....... haha
For the far from out of towners, have you selected at hotel you're all going to stay at yet?

The one where the get-together is going to be held at for example, this CanAlta hotel??

Might as well stay at the same place????


Gary I think you and Riley are the only two far out of towners so far. I believe Riley is staying with friends.
The Canalta wants 144.99 + tax if you have AMA then 130.49 + tax.
I'm sure if you want one of us locals can put you might mean a short rip in your yellow beast tho!! Would you come down on the friday?
Good morning S.B.,

Wow so this is what 4 am feels like. I tried to spray a plot for a company yesterday, I knew it was too windy but they requested me to come out anyway. So drive 75 minutes there, yep too windy then 75 minutes back. It's a contract job so no additional $ for this trip but I like the company a lot and have had dealings with them for a very long time. So to avoid wind I'm leaving in a few minutes and hopefully will be able to get it taken care of. Should be hard on getting anything done the rest of the day though!

Yes, I'm thinking about coming down on Friday. Sadly my son will be on summer holidays with his mother as he would have loved something like this. Another option is to stay in Edmonton and drive in the morning too.

The offer to put me up is kind, generous and appreciated and short rips in the yellow beast to be had either way I'm sure!!!!!!!!!!!

It's going to be really fun to meet everyone and to see their rides.

OK, time to shake my head of the fuzzies and to get something accomplished!


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Hahaha. She heard about this, but you are safe as I don't think she'll be at the meet.
I'll be bringing the Vette but if anyone else wants to bring their Stangs out, that is fine with me!

That would be AWESOME to have you out at the meet Garry!
Hahaha. She heard about this, but you are safe as I don't think she'll be at the meet.
I'll be bringing the Vette but if anyone else wants to bring their Stangs out, that is fine with me!

That would be AWESOME to have you out at the meet Garry!

Na, will bring the vette ... still got last years 91 octane gas to get rid of :(

Likewise Riley it would be a real treat to meet the western crew that I've met through the forum.

Plot sprayed and what a relief! I even had enough energy to tackle the 1st wheat field so 1 down, 6 to go.

But now I need to get some exercise in and the weather looks great for it. A nice bit of breeze blowing, bad for plot spraying but fine for field spraying and exercise.

Oddly, I got nothing from my son for Father's Day - I of course put the blame on my ex as this is still her responsibility. For example, I prepare my son for Mother's Day and even get her a card and gift as she still claims that I am the father of my son.

A brutal moment of honesty here too that I had a DNA test done after she left me to confirm this.

But that I have to put on a good front in terms of what I think of her and I expect that she do the same for appearance's sake.

So it was a sad day when there was no card or anything. More so that at school in his class they had not made anything that ever arrived in my hands because let me tell you they go all out for Mother's Day (women teachers??).

My son did call Sunday night which was good but he still could have had the card on the Friday as he was not with me on the weekend...............

And as usual I ramble - the point being that my son wanted to call him mom last night and in the conversation they had she told him to tell me that they had a gift for me that my son had chosen is apparently something for my Z06!! So I'm curious to see what it is and of course to have that day marked even if it is late............


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