OK this sucks.............so the Ponoka Meet&Greet is officiallly cancelled...........we don't want anyone trying to come in on these central AB. hiways tomorrow morning. I took the following pic about an hour ago this evening and the accumillation has doubled since and its suppose to freeze tonight.

Stay tuned for our alternate date probably this Sat. May 10th.
Looks like a black and white photo! Also looks like someone took a long time doing a nice wax job to the streets!

Boo to the weather this year! Not as bad as last year but close.
Think I will be coming through Ponoka on Saturday morning. Anyone want to meet up? Will be a bit cool but I'm heading to Vermilion Alberta to visit my parents but coffee along the way is always a good thing!
If I go it will be about 10:30. Will confirm in the morning as I may be staying home for the weekend!

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I'll be at Timmies about 10:15 this morning if anyone is around for a coffee. Hope to see some friends

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