Bearly Flying

Bearly Flying

Dec 31, 2009
Ponoka, Alberta
2001 C5
With all the talk about getting our cars out (soon hopefully), We have been kicking around Dates for another Meet and Greet at Ponoka with Sunday May 4th being favoured.

How does that Date work for everyone?

Last Year

We hope to have the same weather we had last year but who knows in AB. So far its looking like an early spring so May 4th would work for me. The following weekend is Mothers Day. We could also have an alternate date in May if the 4th is looking like a "crapper"???
Last yr we had 15 vettes and one stang out it was a great morning!!
well I guess I drive all night to get back as I want to come, and the wifey is at a quilt show in the local town so it is just me, can hardly wait,

May 4th looks good from my end. Can't wait to get out and seeing everyone. This will be the start of planning the tours throughout the summer.

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I sure don't want to think of January, May is better. Hey AlbertaZ06 I'm in Red Deer also, let's meet up and travel together. Try to get Stefanis01 and others to join us. First one of the season and a great way to start!

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So far the dat looks good for me.

Riley, with the one Stang there, maybe the wife would even come to bolster those prancing pony numbers--or just keep you company on the way in your vette.

Either way, it's perhaps too far away to know for sure, but I am interested and available at the moment!
Riley it would be great to have you and your wife here for our meet...........ya for sure bring the stang (if you want) and maybe my good friend Pete won't feel so lonely.....LOL.
Be great to have your here again Vince! I can check into room prices if people want. I know the manager and she said last year she would give us a deal. It is now called Canalta longer a Super 8. A&W right there as well for breakfast!
Hahahaaa. It would be great having both cars out.

As May 4th is a Sunday, would people be coming on Saturday and staying overnight? I have a place to stay in Red Derr so I would be able to make it early Sunday morning if I am able to come. Otherwise, it's going to be the 3rd Ponoka meet as I'm going to make it out one of these times!
Riley most will not be staying overnight...........even the guys/gals coming from edmonton area will only have an hour morning drive. Now if we can pull a few from Fort Mac (hint hint) I'm sure some of us locals can put them up or get a decent rate on the hotel. If your place in red deer falls through and you don't want the expense of the hotel let me know. guys make me want to come out there even more! The hospitality is fantastic! I hope to make it happen but will know more later on. Thank you so much!

They are a great bunch of guys to hang with. I enjoyed the Rocky Cruise last year.

I guess we will see how fast I can sell my car and if I can't sell it in the spring..... decide what events I will do... or can do.

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