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Aug 20, 2014
2015 C7 Z51 M7
Well, I had an interesting drive home from work tonight. I took the car to work, 30 km. When I started the car tonight the dash lights were out as were all of the gauges. I couldn't see the speedo, rpm signals, gear indicator, nothing. The analog speedo was out as well. I used my son's cell phone light to try to check the speed and all gauges were out. The radio and pdr were operational. I got home turned the car off thinking another trip to the dealer on Monday. I turned the car back on and everything was working??? No idea of what happened. Anyone out there with suggestions? Loose wire, too cold??? No idea. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I like the car too much to start getting upset with only 1800 km. I'm going to drive it for another week or two then it goes to hibernation, hopefully with everything working.
Unlikely the battery as everything else was working. I'll check it anyway. The carpet lifts up from the rear right corner. It may be tucked underneath the plastic molding. Once the carpet is peeled back there is a styrofoam type of cover over the battery that simply lifts up.
If you have a loose or sloppy connection somewhere then it is most likely to show itself in cold weather, everything gets just a little looser as it gets colder including connectors that aren't tight. Likely just the connection to the gauges, I would double check it to make sure it is fully engaged. Usually they are just a plastic connection from a wire harness that snaps in place to one that leads back from dash guages. Might be behind the dash, without a schematic might not be easy to find. For sure it's not a battery connection at the back or you would have more than dash lights/gauges out. Might check the fuses and make sure the one that controls that area of the car is seated properly. Manual might give you an idea on that. Dealer would know where to look for all of that, it's all under warranty.
Wouldn't this be a simple Warranty question? Let the dealer figure it out and also get it on the record that you experienced this problem at 1800 km and tried to have it rectified in case it comes up again.

Already done. Sent the dealer an email. Just wasn't expecting any issues with the car so early on.:( Started it today and all seems ok.:D
Well, I wanted to take the car for the last ride this year before it goes to sleep this weekend. The dash was dead again. Not too pleased. Back to the dealer Monday. Only 1800 km.:(:swear::mad:

Any other C7's with similar issue?
York Electronics is contracted by GM to service C7's. Dealer books a tech. My Human Machine Interface module was replaced.
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