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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
There is no doubt that being able to outrun (most guises of )a stock Viper with the Z06 was always a source of pride.

And let there be no doubt that Manny's goal of post messaging my Z06 so that it would crush a stock ZR1 was strong incentive to commit to this project.

But I was always a bit worried about the new 2013 Viper with the 640 crank hp engine. After all the Z06 is a 2006 year model. Surely Dodge would have been able to take advantage of all the technology that has been developed over the past 7 years to get the "king of the hill" crown back from Chevy with their 2009 ZR1 model performance.

Well, apparently the answer to this question is no. The cars, run on the same dyno, resulted in a significant advantage still for the ZR1 over the brand spanking new Viper!

And as the expectations are running very high in Northern Alberta with the results that Manny will be able to produce stellar dyno numbers for my Z06 it is great piece of mind for me to know that still after all Dodge's work, for less than 1/2 the investment, ol'VelocityYellowRules will not have to hang it's head in shame against the newest effort from Dodge.

Good work Chevy for such a solid point to work from and to Manny for allowing me to still live my boyhood dream of having the fastest car in town!


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[mob][/mob] I've hurt the feelings of more than 1 Viper owner at the drag strip with my little N/A C5 Manny built motor with Arun custom cam and tune.........but they sure are sharp cars!
Vipers are still a great looking car--as stated above.

Performance is soooooo good on both sides, and looks are comparable too. At first thought, the exterior of the Viper gets me excited, but then I'm thinking it's largely because it's just more rare to see one. If 'Vettes were that rare, I'd probably have a similar feeling towards them.

I guess there's a reason why they're not so uncommon, huh..............

The ZR1 is putting out 85 more lb-ft of torque at 3600 rpm. That is crazy! That and the skinnier tires are why the vette is the king of the burnout contest leaving 514 foot strips in the video, beating the Viper by over 100 feet!
At capital city in Calgary I routinely drove past 550hp vipers with my 430rwhp C5 z. Those vipers are kinda cool and all but I've never been a believer (or a hater). I just figure that with 488CID and 10 cylinders, the power production was disproportionate.

I just kept telling the viper guys it was stock just to drive them crazy LOL.

Having said that.... With relatively equal dyno numbers, the better should eat a viper for breakfast.
As much as I'm huge Vette guy, and want to see the new C7 succeed, you have to admit that the new Viper is pretty sexy looking. They proved that they can hang in the last handful of races in ALMS last season.

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I am at odds with most of you guys I guess. I've never been attracted to Vipers in terms of looks. I find it too squashed looking.

But I would admit that when I started looking at higher end sports cars I considered a Viper, the earlier versions, 400 hp for 20 to 25K, sort of like a C5 Z06, but again as with this case the C5 Z06 would have been the better performer.

Usually the Vipers, like the Vets, were garage queens too.

But in the case of the C6, it was always about looking so nice and then the LS7 engine was just a package that could not be beat price wise.

However I've seen enough modded Vipers to know that their big displacement V-10 is a darn good starting point and with someone similar to Manny could be made a roaring beast. Plenty of 1200-1500 rwhp Vipers to be found listed after all...........

But always Corvette. I can even find, outside of C1, an attraction to other Corvettes but have never for a moment felt the same way about Vipers.

But as Quark amongst others have said "one man's trash is another man's treasure"!


I have always liked the looks of the Viper and the size of the tires!? Holy crap you could pave a road with that thing! The thing that I always liked was that it has a lot of shape and looks like nothing else. The sound of the V10 never got my blood moving though. I would rather have a 488 ci V8 than V10 any day. I'm luke warm on the headlights of the new Viper....have to see it in real I guess.:D
That MD Automotive's dyno needs a recalibration-to me it seems to be reading on the hi side.

Then I noticed that MD Auto specializes in Honda's and Toyota's-that's probably why it reads so hi-gotta make the customer feel better about adding headers on a Civic and going from 100 to 105 front wheel horsepower.

Garry-you got nothing to worry about. Hell if you have time let Manny throw in some Forged Pistons and we'll turn it up to 750 rwhp if you want.

That's over 850 horsepower.

A friend of mine has a yellow C6 Z06 with a D1SC-which is equivalant to a T-trim and a A4 conversion. When he tracks the car he runs 112 leaded. On his stock bottom end it has gone as fast as 9.4's@145+mph!

The vette is still the best bang for the buck. That's why I bought mine. I haven't heard many good things about the older Vipers. Horrible daily drivers in stock trim worse interior than our C5's, etc. The new ones are a huge step up and in ALMS it'll be nice to have a challenge for Corvette Racing. If I had the money to be new I'd buy a C6 Z06 hands down. Just my 2 cents.

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were'nt the original V10's pretty much a mopar LA series engine with 2 additional cylinders tacked on ? is that still the case ? the LA engine is almost 50 years old now and i believe went out of production somewhere around 92.
A friend has one of the early Vipers. It got away from him and went through a wire fence damaging body parts. Try spending a few thousand dollars for one outside exhaust cover......if you can even find one. It's sort of like the early ZR1 Corvettes. Parts are getting hard to come by and EXPENSIVE.
Wasn't the original V10 basically a stretched 360 mopar engine as Doug mentioned.
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Good morning Arun,

Well, there is no harm in asking, so what would a set of forged pistons set me back? I'll never say never but the cash is just not flowing in the bank for the past two months for additional work and I hate to spend money I don't have. Running more boost and a bit more power might be just the craziness that I need to get my 2013 rolling though!

But grain should be getting loaded today and it might be two weeks or so to get the results. And it never hurts to know what the pistons cost. Manny had said $25K for a fully forged engine but that was not going to be in the cards, pistons, well who knows. Need to get all the information 1st.

Manny had talked about replacing the valve springs and kicking the redline up 200 rpm as well, that still in the cards?

Make a note here fellows that this is yet ANOTHER advantage of a LS7 V8 against oh say a certain companies V10, fewer parts to buy to get speed!

That yellow Z06 is pulling impressive ET's. I still think it is mostly unlikely that I'll be doing a lot of hard pulls with this car. I more want the slamming in the back of the seat acceleration rather than the clouds of tire smoke and 500 foot blackies. I think if I ever end up getting called out I'll try for rolling starts always. Who needs to be replacing 1/2 shafts after all?


Hot Damn! That car is fast! Wow.....850hp is insane! I couldn't imagine! It makes 750hp seem ....well, insane too!:D

Maybe you can show me what 750hp feels like on your way back home next spring?:D
Then I noticed that MD Auto specializes in Honda's and Toyota's-that's probably why it reads so hi-gotta make the customer feel better about adding headers on a Civic and going from 100 to 105 front wheel horsepower.

HAHAHAHAAA! It's funny because it's true....and sort of sad. I over hear kids with the 4-cyl engines talk about how fast their cars are sometimes and I wonder if they've actually ever been in a fast car or raced a minivan for a reality check.

Now I know my Corvette is fast, but it's not THAT fast that I would brag about it. I just think it's fast enough for me with my skill level. If they only knew that my Corvette cost me less than their cars (and a lot of the time that is before they did any mods), that would be a second reality check. (However it's not just about the cars but the culture for them and I do like all cars, just not elitist misinformed morons...which can happen in any group).
Good morning Riley,

Is there a paved road that runs through where you live? I thought it ended at the Man-Sask boarder and then started at the Alta-Sask boarder again!

I just hope the snow goes early. I'll also have to try to schedule the trip/pickup for the short week with my son that will give me more days inbetween to make the trip. But I am also thinking that I'm going to end up missing possibly two days with him which is sort of sad. I had to do that when I was havign surgery and it sure made it seem like a long time.

Pity it couldn't be over Easter break, I could bring him with me!!!!! The best father-son activity!

Ya, I see a few Evo's and Civic's with loud exhaust and wonder what these kids are thinking. Then again some kids with $ have bumped Evo's to 600 hp which with awd must make for a pretty interesting experience. But a car like that I'd be sort of scared to take to the 150/175 mph range where was with a long enough road a Z06 to 210/215 mph I'd be much more comfortable with. Some cars are designed to go that fast, some can be made to go fast but I think there is a big difference between the two..........




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