Nov 26, 2009
Regina Saskatchewan
1980 coupe
This car sits 3 blocks from me, i stumbled onto it and asked if it was for sale? It was won in a Kinsman raffle, i guess it was built by the local corvette club then sold for raffle. he said he wanted to keep it for one more year etc you know the deal. So i offered him $9K for the car and he looked at me? I told him at the time i could of brought one home from the USA for that price at the time. It was another one of those looked ok but needed a rebuild.





No was all stock, as kinsmen has a $14K limit on the cars they can buy to raffle. I doubt they spent that on it though. The paint was nice, but it needed brake callipers since he has owned it, so i doubt it was a rebuild like the one i am doing.
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