Dec 1, 2010
i took an 04 convertable out for a test drive. it has the sport/touring swt. i noticed no real difference on the highway that i used. mostly straight but bumpy. when i tried a turn and hit bumps the car seemed to want to jump around. my son's 01 z06 doesn't react like this car did. is it possible the sway bar links are the culprit. there weren't any suspension noises on the bumps and the car has 45000k on it. any idea woulld be appreciated as a negotiating tool.
I can't speak for the condition of the car you drove buy what I can say is that the Z06 does essentially have a completely different tuned suspension. Sounds to me like ball joints. Check out the outsides of the front wheels. If they have a lot of tread but appear edge worn... BINGO
ok thanks i'll check. there were no front end noises, pulling or slop. the tires looked new but i think i'll look again. this car seems to be in nice shape otherwise, both paint and interior. it's triple black, not really my 1st choice colourwise, but it is used. so...
not totally sold on this car yet. i still prefer the electron,nassau, and lemans blue, then magnetic? red not torch or victory, and then the dark green. and i prefer shale for interior. but beggars can't be choosers. haha. tires are new 245/45 17 on the front z rated.

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