2017 corvette

  1. Toxix

    Featured Toxix's Track Day - 2017 Grand Sport

    Just wanted to share some pictures and my experience with my 2017 Grand Sport at our local track here in Ontario. This car continues to impress me. I've always loved driving and pushing my cars to the limit (or as far as my ability will let me). Even with the Mustang I thoroughly enjoyed going...
  2. Toxix

    Toxix's 2017 Corvette - A Terrible Experience with Georgian Chevrolet

    This post will look familiar to those of you that have commented or read my introductory post. This is the review I have submitted to Google Reviews, Yellow Pages, Facebook as well as DealerRater. This is going to be a painful one to write based on my experience picking up a brand new 2017 2LT...
  3. Toxix

    New from Mississauga - Mustang to a Vette

    Hi all, I am hoping to be a Vette owner in the upcoming weeks. I'm coming from a 2014 Mustang GT and would like to finally move on up to a Vette and eventually a Z06. I'm after a 2017 2LT Z51! After 3 Mustangs, I'm Mustang'd out and want to move on up. Once the paperwork settles and the car...