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May 20, 2021
Need some insights from folks that have the same package as mine,

I have a 2022 C8 Z51 (no mag-ride) and I used to be able to have choice of performance traction selection when I initiated launch control. It seems that with the update the software took that ability away from me. I have a theory that they made it exclusive to Z51 Mag-ride with the update which sucks :(
I thought all Z51s are supposed to have that option at launch as I used to in mine. Now it just says ESC competitive mode.

Anyone with Z51 non-mag ride experiencing this? Appreciate it!
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Are you SURE you had PTM? Because GM has always stated that PTM requires both Z51 (for the e-LSD) and mag ride. Without both, you should have Competition mode, but not PTM.

From the track prep guide: https://www.gmspecialtyvehicles.com...pdf/Track Prep Requirements - C8 Corvette.pdf

PERFORMANCE TRACTION MANAGEMENTCorvette models that are equipped with Z51 Performance Package and Magnetic Selective RideControl™ incorporate Performance Traction Management (PTM), which integrates the TractionControl, StabiliTrak® and Selective Ride Control systems to provide consistent performance whencornering in track situations.
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