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Aug 19, 2014
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Z06 Pricing, finally!!!!

Coupe - $85,095

Convertible - $90,595

Plus $1800 freight.....
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I dont mind that at all and I think that was my guess...

The good news is that the US price on this, as of today's rate of exchange, would be $74,484 so we did ok considering exchange is what it is.

Where can we find a DETAILED breakdown of options and whatnot?
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My dealer called this morning to confirm Z06 pricing is official as of late yesterday afternoon. Just as ToVetteFan stated at the start of this thread. Better then I thought and within reason. Pretty much 9% more than US pricing and well within exchange rates, which reached around 16.5% more or less to buy a US dollar this week.
Coupe - $85,095
Convertible - $90,595
Plus $1800 freight.....

This is base 1LZ, no option pricing available at this point. I'm sure another couple
of weeks.
What dealer would that be? I happened to see the top dealers list and was told (at that time) that they could not put me into a Z06 until 2016 at least, but most likely 2017.
There is another open allocation at Sherwood if you are interested. It is a US car at 3400 and being imported by Sherwood....will be pricey. They called me yesterday asking if I knew anyone interested...
Z06 pricing update as of today:
1LZ - Coupe - $85,095
1LZ - Convertible - $90,595

2LZ - Coupe - add - $3,500.00
2LZ - Convertible - add - $3,500.00

3LZ - Coupe - add - $10,020.00
3LZ - Convertible - add - $9,445.00 ( don't ask me why less)

Plus $1800 freight.....

I have a few options prices that were provided, check with dealer for any I didn't list below.
I06 - My link with PDR and Nav add $2225.00
Z07 package - add $8,795.00
M5U - 8 Speed add $1,900.00
Q6U - Black wheels add $520.00
CFZ - painted carbon fibre ground effects add $3,295.00
CFV - visible carbon fibre ground effects add $4,395.00

Pretty much all option prices are the same as the C7 Stingray...
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Considering that it is a $4360 jump for the Stingray to 2LZ, I certainly hope that $3500 is correct.

The carbon fiber visible ground effects are highway robbery though considering we will see them from 3rd party at about $1500 for similar.

On the other hand.... I think the Nav/PDR price changes with a 2LZ as well...comes down.
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