Jan 8, 2015
2007 C6 Twin Turbo
Here's your guys! Spring is coming and I need some cars to moc up turbo kits on. You benefit huge because you get a kit installed cheap!!!

I need a C5, C5 Z06, and a C6 Z06. They will be rear mount as I can do these cheaper then the front mount and truly believe they're a better idea.. You will need about $5500 to play with, this gets you a boosted approx 600whp car. Tuned and ready. You will also need to have our decal on your back window. About the size of both your hands. I will need your car in Saskatoon. Let me know if you're up for this!!!
Not easy to get volunteers in the dead of winter as all the cars are in storage. As Spring hits, I'm sure a few people will pop up! ..... Or not as it may be difficult to get people to give up their cars when they can drive them! :D

I would suggest sending Steve a pm as I'm sure he's pretty busy.
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