Feb 21, 2009
Edmonton, AB
2016 Z51 Coupe
Any of These Sound Familiar to You?​

1. If you've ever bought a piece of clothing to "match the car."

2. If you have multiple cars in the family, but everyone refers to the corvette as "The Car."

3. You've driven an hour+ and had to take a day off work to buy a $10 car part (that does not affect the operation of the car in anyway).

4. If your car is 26 years old and you find out that it still has the original fuel filter, and you're HAPPY!

5. If you have more than one car, and the one that is 20 years older than the other runs 10 times better.

6. If you know the exact date which your car was built (Jan 16, 1974) but forget your girlfriend/wife's birthday (Uh, I was going to get you something honey but I).

7. If you know the exact day you bought your car (April 3, 1999). But forget your anniversary.

8. If you've ever explained (in detail) to your girlfriend who "Zora" is.

9. If you know that "Corvette" is a small French ship known for its manoeuvrability.

10. If you have 100% cotton towels for your car and you use old, worn-out ones in your bathroom.

11. If you have a PO Box that your wife does not know about so you can get your mods in the mail.

12. If you refer to your Vette as if it were your child.

13. If you carry a picture of your car in your wallet instead of your spouse.

14. You hang pictures of Vettes in your GARAGE so she's not lonely.

15. If you've actually had a momentary twinge of worry at night, when you turn out the light in the garage, about leaving your Vette alone in the dark.

16. You spend more time vacuuming the 20 square feet of carpet in your Vette than your 2000 square foot house.

17. Feel that you must scrub the underside, you never know, some mechanic may get the wrong impression of you if it's dirty.

18. Find yourself looking at your reflection in large plate glass as you drive by.

19. If a bird craps on it, you stop turn around and go home to clean it off.

20. Drive around town to every Starbucks looking for an outside table next to a parking place because you think people are impressed by watching you drink coffee next to your Vette.

21. You order a build sheet for your Vette even though you have no idea what it means.

22. You have a window sticker hanging in your bedroom.

23. You think people that drive BMW's are commies.

24. You think all Japanese cars are junk driven by young punk rice boys that want to race you.

25. You think there's a chance it may rain
I think there is a key point missing here. The list should be "Your a Corvette Enthusiast If.....". THere is a difference between an owner and an enthusiast. Chances are if you are reading this post you are an enthusiast.

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