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Jun 30, 2011
Fort McMurray
2006 Z06
Please see the following link of the available parts. Thought I would do that over a giant wall of text.

Link to Parts List

Please contact me via email for any interest @ [email protected] . Paypal address is also the same for reference.

I am currently located in Alberta Canada so consider that for heavier items that might be unreasonable to ship. Most smaller light items can be shipped pretty cheap. Priority will given to people buying multiple parts but otherwise first email, PMs, then posts will take priority. I have nothing past what is listed as its being utilzed for my GTM project.

In the response it helps if you include the following format it helps me keep it sorted out.

Item # - Description - Price

As per priority (email-pm-forum). I will respond with a shipping estimate and mark the items as pending. Once payment is recieved I will remove the items.

Please refresh page to see current status of items

Page make take a few moments to load due to all the pictures.

PS: I don't mind selling bit by bit but note that shipping for even small items is not at all favourable here (example would be a small box with a couple switches or parts is around 10 bux, an envelope with one switch is also 10 bux+ if not more) so if theres multiple items all the best and I will normally cut a good deal. If prices are too high I am very reasonable as well as I can't research 200 parts at this point.
Tails are sold.

I am indeed working on a ffr GTM

Very Nice! I would absolutely love to have one of those some day! That is one of my top cars I would like to do but as most of my plans, it probably won't happen.:( I'm glad to see someone else making one. Keep us updated on the build!
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