Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
I am in the process of switching wheels on the Corvette and cleaning them all up in the process. When I took the passenger front wheel off, the first thing I noticed was the wire from the wheel sensor had been rubbing on the lower control arm as it crosses to the frame. I got some of that split corrugated plastic line that guys run electrical wiring around under the hood. I put it on the line and tie wrapped it in place. At the outer end there is a good spot that is bigger in diameter and is perfect for tie wrapping the plastic line to so that it isn`t going anywhere. Just a little more protection for the wiring inside. Something you might want to look at. I`ll try to get some pictures when I do the other side tomorrow.
This is a shot of the driver side wheel sensor wiring that could do with a little more protection. You can see a little mark on the lower control arm. It was a bigger mark on the passenger side. An eight inch section of 3/8" split corrugated plastic line that they use to channel wiring together under the hood does the trick, along with some tie wraps to make sure that it stays in place. The flash washed the picture out some but I think you get the idea. With the wheel off, it is pretty straight forward. The upper line in the picture is the brake line.
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