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Nov 14, 2011
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OK, looking for a little silver lining today in this blah looking sky and rain (freezing), and it suddenly dawned on me;

Starting today the days start getting longer. :D
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Freezing rain tonight, lets hope we keep the power on. I sense this may be a loooooooooong winter

Long winter; this from the guy that said we will be driving our cars right up to Christmas. :nono:
I am predicting 20 degrees by mid March. :coolgleam:
Hard to believe that after nearly 2 months of winter and more early snow than we've had in decades that this is..............what..................THE FIRST DAY OF WINTER!!!!!

I actually do suffer during the winter from the lack of sunlight. While it is amazing in the summer when it won't get dark until maybe 11:50 pm, having the sun rise today at 9:22 am and it set at 4:16 pm is to be frank with you all, brutal. And sadly it gets more difficult each year.

But you are right when it is nice when hump day arrives. Knowing now that I'm gaining maybe 60 to 90 seconds more sunlight a day actually does make a big difference to me mentally.

But it is not the run up to this day that I find the hardest, it is actually January and February when while the dyalight gets longer, it seems the darkness will never pass.

I actually gave my gf a pair of Phillips lights for Christmas that are suppose to simulate sunlight and the sun rising and people who have used them make some pretty remarkable claims about them in terms of how it improves their state of well-being. Let me say if she finds similar results I'll be getting myself some double quick pronto like!

But at least it was a solid zero for most of the day and I enjoyed both my morning walk and subsequent afternoon walk with my son. In this sort of weather you just have to go outside, no gloves, mitts or touque required!


I always find it funny that in January I just wish it would be sunny until 7:00 as the day would be longer, then when summer hits and the days actually are long, I can't believe I wish for daylight only until 7:00! Makes me want to have a more flexible job to find more sun over the winter!

But, the days are getting longer!
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