Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
My wife just got me a Windows RT tablet with the attachable keyboard. I like it but am having a frustrating time with windows 8. Not very intuitive. Other gripes include that there is no iTunes available and I am having issues getting my Spashtop app to work. I have until Jan 5th to decide if I like it. Anyone else running an RT? Other than that, the screen is pretty nice and the keyboard works really well! Anyway, just wondering about others thoughts on this device.
No knowledge of Windows RT but I am running Windows 8.1 and it sucks for the most part. It is slightly better than Windows 8 but I really miss Windows 7. Seriously thinking of downgrading to Windows 7. I hate the way everything is an app now rather than a proper "window". Not everyone wants a laptop that pretends it's a ipad.
Hahaha. Very true. If the pattern holds true, Windows 9 will be really good. They seem to bring out an operating system that is good, then one that sucks, then one that is good, then one that sucks and so on. I need to keep Windows 8 for the touch screen effect but if I were to put an OS on a laptop or desktop, it would be 7 for sure.
My wife bought me a Surface 2 tablet running Windows 8RT for xmas, after trying to charge it for 2 days and it wouldn't charge I did a search and found it was a common problem. I tried a couple fixes and no go, we took it back and I got an IPad

I had one as a trial for work. I wasn't real crazy about it and ended up trading it back in for an iPad. Depends what you are doing with it I guess.................
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