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Aug 1, 2013
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wifey always wanted a green sports car, and liked the convertible but did not like the light vert top so we did not buy a corvette 2014 c7 vert (thank god said my wallet)

so I have been lamenting the no c7 purchase for a few months now (hehe)

and so she decided that she needed a gotta have it green mustang

(premium v6 so not bad pricing)


but I think I need to put (at least she says we should) 3m or something on the front to protect from rock scratches and flying debris (beer bottles in the city and so on)

anybody in edmonton or leduc or maybe red deer that puts the stuff on (got sherwood park chev to do my 2013Gs but they are so expensive and wanted 700 bucks to fix a gap in the front hood of about 1/2 inch circle so I said leave it)

thoughts and yes I will still keep married but it is a strain let me tell you

maybe see some of you at rockin august tomorrow in st albert


2013gs for now no mustang in my future mister :agree:
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Jeesh -- First it was Riley and his squeeze with a 'Stang .. now you guys . :nono:

Confession: I have a Ford alongside the vette, and to be honest, if I didn't need the space it may have been a 'Stang. :rofl:

Enjoy -- they're a lot of fun too and, as you say, much easier of the pocketbook.:D

Jeff I see your in need of some help so i am going to pray to the chevy gods hopefully it helps.
If this does not work, we may have to get as many vette members together as possible for an intervention (I realize this is a drastic measure but we are here to help)
Worst case is an exorcism and I do not not want to go there but if need be....
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Sorry to hear about the ford purchase. If this is still your starter wife there is still hope for you. If you are looking for protective coating the best I have seen is Greg at Showtime Performance. 128st one block north of the Yellowhead. Behind fire hall #8. He uses Venture shield. Much better than 3M.
wow, i did not know Greg does that, he does all my installs for remote starters for the last 15 years but i did not know he did that, rats got the local guys in the hometwon to do her mustang, and it is alright but not great,

the things you learn a week late

thanks anyways,

greg is a nice guy

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