I ordered some parts this week and can't wait to get them.. Front plate cover (I bought the car in Ontario and we don't need front license plate in QC), front bumper emblem as mine misses the finish lap flag and a short ram air intake... I was looking to swap the 2.73 gear for a 3.42 until I realize that I have to drop the tranny to change the gear!!
Salut Frank,

Oui, je suis a Ottawa, Orleans plus precisement. Je ne vais pas sur le cote du Quebec trop souvent, il semble que j'attire beaucoup d'attention.
En ce qui concerne les rassemblements, je n'en connais pas a ce moment. Si j'entends qu'il y en aura dans notre coin, je te laisserai savoir.
Good morning Everyone,

Bonjour toute le monde,

Oh you guys have no idea........... Somewhere, if I rummage around, I can dig out my "Republic of Alberta Hat" from 1982! I wonder what it would go for on eBay?

And don't forget I'm 1/2 French too, formerly from Montreal before Alberta.

I'm from north of Laval speak french also but can do in english also


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These threads dragged up from ages ago always toss me for a bit of a loop. Names not seen in years magically appear.

Great that it has resurfaced with some new and old members from Quebec.

Great looking FRC Corvette LT4. Don't see many around and yours is a beauty.
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