Nov 17, 2011
British Columbia
2000 C5 Coupe
Been screwing around on wheel websites and just felt the need to go to Asanti and make myself a cool wheel. Found a wheel that I really liked and customized it a little, I can dream :p

On another note just finished cleaning, clay bar and waxing my own rims :p

Those Asanti's are unreal , love those wheels :D
The pics aren't here anymore--and I want to see the Asanti's!!!!!

Never looked at these in my search! Hope I don't get buyers remorse upon taking a peak, LOL...
Really they arent working anymore? Wierd... yeah after I saw the price tag of the wheels ($1050.00 ea) I just about died.
I see them now.........1050 eac?? OK, I'm still happy with what I got then, LOL.

I paid about that, but that came with the rubber as well..............well less than that actually.

They do look bad-ass though!!
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