Which option would you think is best

  • Keep Stock Wheels and Save Money

    Votes: 5 20.0%
  • Keep Stock Wheels and Upgrade Suspension

    Votes: 4 16.0%
  • Go with Forgestar 14

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • Go with CCW SP500's

    Votes: 9 36.0%

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Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
So, the tires are shot on the Vette and new ones are required. I have three options I would like to think about and want to know what the forum thinks.

Remember, my car is Pewter if that will help your decision.

Option 1: Just get new tires, keep the stock thin spokes, save money
Option 2: New tires on thin spokes and upgrade sway bars/shocks
Option 3: 19" F/R Forgestar F14 wheels and tires (Just within budget)
Option 4: 19" F/R CCW SP500's wheels and tires (above budget but maybe if I find good used ones)

I will go polished with the CCW's but don't know what color to go with with the F14's as there is no truly polished option and that is if polished would even look good with that style....

Thoughts? See pics attached.

The black C5 has the F14's
The grey C5 has the SP500's


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fwiw...I find choice of wheels a very personal decision. I would tend to say
...do I like these or prefer those ?? You're the one who is going to polish the
beast, and you get your satisfaction from standing back...and saying to yourself
....my, that looks good !!

Re...upgrading sways/shocks....does the handling need improvement ?
If not...then why go that route.

Apologies for the philosophy, but I'm not sure changing rims is necessary
unless the whole appearance is being changed. Considering the size of
the after market wheel business, I'm out of sync !!


You KNOW what I'd do. If you're going to mod one thing in a car for appearance, a little action on the wheels is worth doing--usually that means new skins as well. Not too sure how it will look on your car, but on that Z06, the grey car looks better. I assume those are option #4?
Oh yeah--you will think of your car as newer with some rims. It changes everything on the vehicle--it might help keep you on the straight and narrow until your C7 becomes available, as you will be happy with a great looking and unique C5 this way.
I agree Vince. I was thinking of saving money for the C7 but the C7 will be 8 or so years away so why not enjoy the current car, plus it will only help with resale value I'm sure. The only other mods I really want are clear corners and HID fogs and maybe a very small spoiler.

As for the handling Tony, I'm not sure if the suspension is worn or not but from what I've heard when people move up to the C6 Z51 sways and C6Z06 shocks, it is quite good for the price. That with new tires will help me keep up with the Roush in the corners. :D
We all know what free advice is worth but here goes anyway.

I'd go for the CCWs, to my eyes they really make the car. Plan on keeping it for another 8 years so that YOU will be enjoying them rather than the next owner. Plus spread over the next 8 years the extra cash needed really isn't that significant. Plus you only go around once, make yourself happy.
Keeping an eye out for used ones. Man, that would be awesome. I figure this choice is as difficult as do you want to eat cake or eat pie? :D I'd rather not go on a diet but we'll see what happens when Spring rolls around.

Live each day like it's your last. The canadian consumer report just reported that the average canadian has $1.64 debt for each $1 of income. The banks are literally giving their money away with the overnight lending rate at 1%. Let your kids worry about your debt......burn your bra.....and order a C7! (or modify the hell out of your c5).:seeya:

IMHO Fitzy
Riley, both wheels are nice, I prefer the Forgestars (way too many CCW wheels on Corvettes) in 18/19 dia. I don't see the offsets, but for the front use a 18x9.5 57-59mm offset, and 19x11 62-65mm offset. For tires, use 265/35/18 & 305/30/19. Don't use a 275/35/18 as the sidewall is taller than a 305/30/19.

Seen that most rear CCW wheels are 11.5" wide & wrong offsets causing the rear tires to stick out.

Russ Kemp
My 08 came with painted wheels and my first goal was to go to chrome .I actually got use to them not that they grew on me so I'll wait for the next owner to spend the money .
Go with TSW's. Great choices at reasonable pricing.
The trend is going away from Deep Dish to Concave.

But, that's just my biased opinion.:canada:
Hahaha! As I have a long time to think about this, I have been considering doing a clear coat on the CCW's either in paint or powder coat. Not too sure though. Not too sure about the F14's. Forgestar states they can only do a 18/19 combo where I really want 19/19's and I know of someone that has done 19/19's and am waiting on the details.

As another option, TSW makes Cray wheels and I am really liking the looks of the Brickyard wheels as well.

I am still on the fence about which wheels to get. I see so many CCW's on the internet but have yet to see a Corvette in person with the SP500's installed.
Riley, I will be interested in what you end up purchasing. My 03 tires look brand new but my concern is age (me and the tires), the last thing I want is a blowout at an inopportune moment (applies to both as well LOL).

I think I am going to go with Pilot Sports and I really want the CCW SP16 but I agonize over what finish to get as well. I like their Pewter and the Hyper Black and Hyper Silver but I just cannot make up my mind. I like the CCW wheels over the Forgestar because I like a bit of a lip on the wheel. Make sure you ask about brake upgrades, you will need to order the right style wheel if you plan on any upgrades in that area. The staff at CCW are really helpful so if you have any questions just send them an email. Great service.

Good luck with your search. Get what you like, I am sure it will look great.
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