Oct 29, 2013
Brighton, ONTARIO
2014 2LT
Help, some honest insight would be appreciated.

I may want/need to sell my C7. By no means a fire sale but I am thinking of selling it.

My car is a Base 2LT
7 Speed
Transparent roof
Machined rims
Z51 spoiler
Arctic with black stinger stripe
weather tech mats and trunk liner
Cover craft cover
5 year transferable bumper to bumper 100 km warranty
red calipers
battery protection
premium mats

9,000 km's on the car.

This car looks like it just came out of the dealer showroom (if not better)

When I build and price my car it comes to $72,380 plus the cost of the warranty. I know its a strange market and I could use some help on a value.

I am not going to fire-sale the car.

Thanks for the input

Since its a 6-Speed Automatic Transmission which is now obsolete I would think around $60-62K if you find the right buyer if you sell between March-May. June-Aug probably around $60K. And then the 2016's will be out by then and with winter coming the value is expected to go down again to around $55K till 2016 March when I expect it to bounce back up to around $56-58K.

A nicely equipped C7 yopu have there.
Its a 7 speed. However, in todays environment I would never sell it for that. I don't need the money. I thought I was in a circumstance with this car that I did not have to take a beating. Thanks for the input, I certainly think Jakes number is a bit more reasonable from what I see online.
OJ...what's mine worth, as a trade in on a new C7? E5111671 8k
*** open to offers *** CDN VIN :D
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My apologise! With a 7 Spd Manual in my opinion it would be worth about 2-3K more than my previous estimates for the right buyer.
@C7Jake: Your C7 is a totally unique vehicle. Its hard to put value on it with all the great mods you have done to it.

The lower spoilers and aftermarket wheels should add considerable value to the right buyer. The JAKE decals at the back of the seats are also a great mod on a Cyber Grey exterior which is also no longer offered.

If I were you, i wouldnt sell it! and since you bought it at the very initial introductory price of around 57K you made a great purchase! Besides I dont have a 2015 Z51 to offer you in exchange --- unless "you know a guy" that can make it happen.

Now if you would like a 2016 C7 instead we can talk because that i can get you for sure!
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Oh oh can I play??

Let's play appraise my car!

2014 TR/AR 7M
5 split spoke black aluminum wheels
Magnetic Selective Ride Control
Red Painted Calipers
Performance Exhaust
Visible Carbon Fiber Roof Panel
Sueded Microfiber wrapped upper interior
Carbon fiber dash Trim
Premium carpet floor mats
Stingray custom sill plates
Front and rear Splash Guards
Battery Tender
Indoor Vehicle Cover
Lashway Carbon Flash Side Skirts
Weapon X front splitter
Z06 Front Grille
Carbon Fiber Plenum Cover
Smoothie painted Fuel Rails

Paid $76K for the car at into pricing, it's $84K to build now.
7K Kms.
Pic does not show all mods.


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Wanna Viper go to the Vipers Owners site and search resale. That will stop you in your tracks. I don't think I have ever known a lower resale sportscar.
atta boy Jafo, i know Manny looked at it and i understand it was a beautiful car, the market always dictates the value imo, not a fire sale just a great deal. congrats on your buy :driving:
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