High RPM Poster
Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Well we headed out today for a drive just after lunch got the wave from 4 different vettes, weather was
amazing and actually some humidity in the air today, in April go figure?

Was nice to be able to take the car for a little cruise on the back roads and hwy and enjoy the sun
and warm weather once again.

Only had to cut our trip shot to go and pick up my son as the Xwifes family has someone sick and
in the hospital tonight so the fun in the sun is over for now.

Spotted a Red C5 with chrome flames on rear markers in Gtown on 9th line (got the wave), another C5
Yellow on the 401 heading back to Toronto and Silver one is Milton if its anyone here on the forums.
I was on the 401 in a MY c5 but near London =)

I got sunburn driving around today... it was glorious. Pulled up beside two cruisers at a light and the two guys in the first cruiser gave me the thumbs up.... they had a prisoner in the back so I was not too worried.
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