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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Hi folks -- We're back but tired. Give us a chance to catch our breath and rest up and we'll fill you in on everything.

Nice to be back but what a trip ...... and what a C4. :D

So glad to hear you're home Colin. Look forward to meeting up next week when it suits to hear all about your trip and see your "new" car. :D
Naaaaa -- nothing too serious Wayne --- just a jaunt to BC to pick up a 'vette, stay in Lotus Land for a few days and drive back across some of the most beautiful countryside I've ever seen.....and all that with a great friend: Steamer who was very understanding and patient.

That's all .....


Details soon.:D
Looking forward to seeing pics too. Any chance your vette might be around Pearson airport on Monday, August 9th?
Howdy folks, first time I've been able to get online. Must say it was quite a trip with a great friend. As Colin said we sure saw a lot of miles and great scenery on the way. I'm unable to post pictures as I'm on my sisters computor, but will try when I get home.
Cheers brother! you helped make it all possible -- I can't thank you enough for all you did to make our trip interesting, safe, and most enjoyable.:D

The arranging for the car on the Island was above and beyond what anyone could have wanted. You are a true friend and I thank you.

sorry I missed you guys on the flyby thru sask. maybe another time we can meet.
sorry I missed you guys on the flyby thru sask. maybe another time we can meet.

This time was too rushed: Both Steamer and I had commitments back in Ont. and simply could not take any extra time.

Our hearts were there, tho., and maybe next time we can be there in person too.

well at now, you can understand why we can watch our dog run away for 3 days. haha
Colin, when you say you are going to Danny's with the C4, does that mean there will soon be a C4 with 500 to 600 hp coming out of Da Sivals awhile later?

Maybe in the future some time but not any time soon. I'll keep her pretty much stock for now, Al.
Much as I like mods I must replenish the coffers somewhat first.:D

Ha! Watch the dog run away for three days. It's quite frustrating because you get into Saskatchewan and can see Manitoba but it just takes so long to make it all that way! As I'm sure you guys saw, the crops are doing well and the farmers are just starting into harvest.

Once again, glad to hear you guys made it safe and sound!
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