Aug 16, 2009
Looking for a 2006 or newer Z06. I could currently purchase a 2006 red Z06 with 26,000 kms on it for $50,000.00 CDN. Looking for any deals as good or better out there.
you better buy that then dont think you will get cheaper than that where was that one located??
Ask Trevor (TTP) how much the 06 Z06 is selling for at Sherwood in Saskatoon.
Opps, sorry, I'll fill in a little more information. In the thread about the August 23rd, Cruise Weekend: http://www.canadiancorvetteforums.com/forums/306/745-cruise-weekend-august-23rd-2.html#post6353

Trevor, who's name is TTP on the forum, mentioned that there is a 2006 Sunburst Orange Z06 that caught his eye for sale at Sherwood Chev in Saskatoon. I thought Logan1080 could PM Trevor to ask how much the Z06 is listed for so he would know if the original car he is looking at is a good deal or not.
Wills Chev in Grimsby Ontario has a mint silver 06 Z06 with 10,000 km. He is "asking" 54000 Cdn.He wants to move this car.The original owner ,I was told,had a young family member with serious medical issues & he had to dump the car.That's all the info I have right now.Looked at the car yesterday pm.
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