Opps, sorry, I'll fill in a little more information. In the thread about the August 23rd, Cruise Weekend: http://www.canadiancorvetteforums.com/forums/306/745-cruise-weekend-august-23rd-2.html#post6353

Trevor, who's name is TTP on the forum, mentioned that there is a 2006 Sunburst Orange Z06 that caught his eye for sale at Sherwood Chev in Saskatoon. I thought Logan1080 could PM Trevor to ask how much the Z06 is listed for so he would know if the original car he is looking at is a good deal or not.
Wills Chev in Grimsby Ontario has a mint silver 06 Z06 with 10,000 km. He is "asking" 54000 Cdn.He wants to move this car.The original owner ,I was told,had a young family member with serious medical issues & he had to dump the car.That's all the info I have right now.Looked at the car yesterday pm.
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