Seems there's some dough in old manuals -- I'm going to have to dig out some of the ones I have on previous cars and bikes.

Wonder if that guy on Craigslist got his price

When I checked this morning he had cut the price in half. I guess someone realize a great deal and snapped them up. A corvette parts manual from 1953 to 1969 for $50.00 was a great deal. It looked to be well used, but well taken care of. Sort of like the owner had passion!!!
There is an 82 Corvette manual for $80 that appears in very good condition. When I bought my manual for my Camaro, I think I paid about $100.

There's money in them for sure......I've paid $100+ per manual in the past (new)
but thought with the advent of computers and free downloads that they'd be worthless now.

Good to know. Thanks Steamer.

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