Buy a Corvette! That's what I did!

I would take in the Penske Wynn Ferrari dealership tour in the Wynn hotel. A lot of exotics in there with prices and histories behind the cars.
Just booked a trip to Vegas for me and bud. "Management" is being very generous!!! :D.

Any suggestions or tips/tricks?

:Rent a Car and go to the Grand Canyon.
: Hoover Dam
:Rio Hotel Seafood Buffet. All you can eat crab legs.
:Jimmy Buffets Margarettavle Bar & Grill
:Check out the Las Vegas & Spring mountain speedway.
:Freemont St.

Take lots of money !!! & have a Blast!!

I'm also going with a couple of buddies in November to check out the SEMA convention.
Should be an awesome guys weekend.:canada:
I'm the 18th-21st of Nov.... gonna rent a car and go to the Hoover Damn... anything else??? :D

Book a car on line before you go. You will save about $50.00 a day.
Hoover Damm tour is very cool.
Grand Canyon is about 2 1/2 hours away and well worth the drive.
Check out the indoor gun range. You can fire a bunch of different weapons from WW II vintage to modern day automatic assault stuff.:canada:
I went to The Gun Shop and fired an Uzi as well as an M-16. The biggest problem is wanting to take it home after....they frown on that. But they will allow you to buy a shirt and then shoot it full of holes:D
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