Jan 30, 2009
Acton Ontario
2006 Vert
Hey you guys in the West.
My wife & I are heading to Vancouver to see our Daughter & family for a week over the Christmas holidays.
Would any of the Vancouver guys like to get together for a beer that week?
Let me know.:canada:
Wow, super trip for Christmas, Mark. Will be nice to see family and maybe some fellow 'vette owners too.
Hope you have a great time and take pics while there.

Safe travels,
Mark, It's too bad that I'm not going to able to get over to Vancouver, would have enjoyed the meet. I also have a boat load of relatives coming from Ontario to ski Mount Washington. Thank god I don't ski, so I will get some rest while they do. Make sure you bring your brolly or you'll go home with moss on your back.
Got back from Vancouver at 2:00 am this morning.
We had a Great Christmas with our Daughter, son in law And our Awesome little Grandson.
Only downfall was 7 days of heavy non stop rain. The only sun we saw was yesterday.
Beautiful place but I couldn't stand the rain.
Only saw one C5 Vert all week.:canada:
Rain......it's a PITA but we pray for that around here........It's easier to shovel.

The weather you had in Van-city sounds similar to what I left in England: dreary.
At least you had a great time with family -- and that's the main thing.

Cheers, and have a Happy New Year.

Obviously, similar weather in Seattle. I just got back home yesterday as well. Is it just me or did this holidays go by extremely fast? I think I blinked and it was time to come home already!

Your right Riley. Holidays always go by too fast. Every-time I blinked it was still raining.:canada:
Mark. Come on back! It's raining so hard today, there's dogs and cats mixed in with it.
The good thing is, there's more snow on Mount Washington for the skiers.
I've included a link to the snow cams, but it's snowing so hard there froze over.
Web Cams
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