Apr 24, 2011
Comox Vancouver Island B.C.
2006 C-6
It's been a while to get this together, but tonight was our first meet at the new Thrifty's Food store in Courtenay. Not a bad turn out for the meet with Seven cars coming out. We had four C6's and three C5's. A great start for us all and I enjoyed meeting all the new owners. Wednesday at 6PM seems to work for the majority, So if you want to show up your welcome too!

If anyone wants more info just send me a PM and I'll give you the updates.
Hey cool Rob -- great turnout and nice variety of C5's and C6's.....
good luck with future meets -- thanks for posting pics and be sure to take lots for us in the future.


LOL, someone east of us is using your club name Rob = Valley Vettes
Nice bunch of rides Rob. Thanks for posting. Look forward to doing the same here one day soon I hope.
Pretty maids all in a row. Great turn out with great looking cars! Nice post Steamer.:thumbup::cool:

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Thanks for all the comments. Since last night between us, we've came up with about another seven to eight names to call and get hold off for next week.. Looks like this may turn out to be a fun event. When we broke from Thrifty's we took a short cruise around the Comox peninsula and through the town of Comox ending up our ride in Courtenay. From the feed back tonight seems everyone enjoy the meet and are looking forward the next week already. As for the Valley Vette theme I just couldn't think of another title at the time so i just threw that in, who knows, it just might stay!
Wow, you've got quite a lot of owners out there in the valley, Rob -- and a lot sound interested in meeting up. Be sure and give them our name and web addy so we can meet them all too.

Kudos for getting them all together......:)

No worries Colin, I gave every one of them a hand full of CCF cards that I printed off of the forum here. They've all been here to see the post and I'm hoping that some will joint up.
Nice to have met you Rob at the A&W last night and look forward to future vette events in the valley. Also introduced to Bill, Bill & Greg hello to all.

Cheers Robert
Thanks Robert. Wait till you see his cars guys. He got a beautiful Black C4 convertible and is starting a restore on a 1960 that be in his possession for many years. I'll let him explain, so you get the right info. Welcome aboard Robert.
Nice to have met you Rob at the A&W last night and look forward to future vette events in the valley. Also introduced to Bill, Bill & Greg hello to all.

Cheers Robert

Welcome Robert -- glad to have you along. Make sure our Rob (Steamer) behaves himself out there -- we're hoping he comes here intact to visit in a few weeks... :rofl:

Hope you have many more fun meetings and please take lots of pics for us.

Another good turn out tonight, with some more new cars showing up. It's great fun to meet the new folks and thanks for the great time!
First ones for Brian, Roberts great looking C4

The next three are from our northern neighbors Black Creek and Campbell River. Welcome aboard and looking forward to more visits.

I had the privilege to lead the pack tonight and it was great view in the mirror to see seven Vetts behind you with the lights on.
It's getting better every week and it's going to be a great summer!
Thanks for the pictures Rob.
That is a nice looking C4..... looks like you got a good group going there. Kudos to you.
Way to go Rob -- another successful VV-GTG -- and fine pics of course. I've not seen a Gray C4 -- that my first and it does look nice. I have a hunch I'd like the C4 in any colour since I've not met a C4 that I don't like. I still love red and is a fave, but yellow now has to be a close second due to Brian's '88.

Continued success Rob -- It's real nice to get a group together and chat about stuff like mods, cleaning, and superchargers......(not to mention dings and other screwups):rofl: -- I told them yesterday that if they stopped mentioning my boo-boo I probably would think that they didn't like me any more.......

It's nice to know that I'm well liked. :D -- I just said "it's my turn.....go for it".

Manny and the crew will have their way again with her and she'll be good as new (or better)....... Only down side is I'll be $500 poorer.:(

Looking forward to meeting up again in a few weeks -- Seems like it's been forever since your last visit.

Keep the meets and pictures coming and hi from our group to yours.
Tell 'em they got some real sweet rides and we admire all of them.


Colin, Roberts C4 is black too. It just that it's beside Bills C5. That car has such a deep shine on it it's amazing. I don't know what product he's using, but he wants to put Rejex on top of that!!
This site is great for getting guys together. Mud Street boys, Peterborough, now the west coast. Most of us probably wouldn't have ever connected without the site. Keep up the good work Riley. I have a sister living in Victoria and we have been toying with the idea of a cross country run perhaps next year. Might just meet up with some of you guys if we do.
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