Dec 20, 2009
2007 Z51
Looks like the Corvette Corral is a go in 2014 at Mosport. Wilson Niblett hosting once again.....Should be an awesome weekend. Now with the merger of the ALMS and other series. United Sports car is the new series

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Sure wish I could break away for that weekend. Can't promise but you know I'd love to.
I'll have to wait and see how things work out here at home.

I've just noticed from my posting of the Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton that it is on the 13th. Pity.

We live less than 25 miles from Mosport. We should seriously think of going. Back in the day, I rode around Mosport in a friend's '67 Skylark. We drove out on a weekday afternoon. We drove under the track into the pits. There were a few people around messing with cars. Pete just kept on driving right out onto the track and around. When we got back, there was a woman yelling at us. :mad: We sort of kept on going and right back out onto the road and gone. I wouldn't mind a tour around the track with the Corvette.
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