Nov 14, 2011
Jarvis Ontario
1988 Convertable
I am new to detailing a car, but after buying my 88 rag-top last fall, I knew I would have to do something with it this spring. This 24 year old paint job was showing it's age for sure, and a new paint job is just not with-in the budget.
Over this winter I did a fair amount of research on the subject. To try and make a long story a little shorter, I kept seeing and reading about Zaino. Well folks, I guess I have become a bit of a Zaino head........... Here is what I have done.

After a good wash with Blue Dawn liquid dish soap, I clayed the whole car. Then wash it again with the Zaino car wash.
Next I used Z-PC Fusion and a Porter Cable 7424XP buffer. I had on the orange cutting pad. The swirl marks on my car are pretty bad. I really didn't expect to remove them, at least not all anyway. But I just had to have a go at it. To my surprise, this did do a very good job. In the bright sun, they still can be seen, but nothing like it was.
Next was two coats of Z5. My thinking was that as Z5 has fillers in it maybe it could hide some of the swirl marks as well. Between each coat I applied a coat of Z6 gloss enhancer. The car was looking good.......
Now I have put a coat of Z2 on, with more Z6. Tomorrow I am planning another coat of Z2, but at this point....... I am impressed with the products I have used. I am sure there are many other polishes that work just a well on the market, but at this point......... It's going to be Zaino for me.
Untill now, I didn't really want to post any picture of my car.... I wanted to get it looking it's best before I took any pictures, so here ya go...I know the fans here like pictures...........
It was a long winter; even though we really didn't get any, but I am on the road now, what a great feeling.





By the way.......if not for this forum, I didn't think you could buy Zaino in Canada. I had great service from Zaino Stores Canada, which I learned about here....... Thanks everyone.
Great job Brian....You made that '88 look awesome.
I've used Zaino products over the years (not exclusively) and have been very impressed. First started using them in 2002 when a member of forum. I still occasionally use some Quick Detailers.

Glad to see you did it right with cleaning properly and claying. Worth the extra time.
Can't wait to see that baby.

I like the car and I'm not a yellow fan but color seams soft and I like it .I've only clayed twice so I have limited experience but it sounds like you did everything right and got good results .C4's are great cars ,I think ya have a winner .
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