John D

John D

Aug 24, 2010
Port Dover,Ontario
Had a flat tire on my C6 got it fixed.Do I need to have the sensor reset so tire pressure reads correct after I have the tire put back on or will it reset itself?If it has to be reset is there a place in Canada that I can order a tool to reset it? Also has anybody delt with or have any info about are they a good place to deal with? Thanks John D.:canada:
This happend to me a month ago...nail in my back tire, it went low...had the nail removed , with all air removed from tire,repaired it...put it back on the car and drove away, nothing to reset in my case...
Tire pressure

Thank's to all that replyed.It's nice to get some help.Think Im going to order a unit from all.jd:D
I have bought tires and rims from tire rack and have been COMPLETLY satisfied.
I am buying Blizzacks for my wifes new Cruze from them. 225 40 18's
$260 each in Can $660 for 4 at tire rack.
I have a drop off place at A Bay in Ny just by the Ivy Lee bridge.
I pay the HST and save big time.
Vette GY run flats are $ 1500 for regular or $ 1700 for F1 supercar
$ 2700 in Can.
Unit cost

I will be ordering one of these unit's once I get a hold of my friend from Niagara Falls New York. I ship all my stuff to him then I don't have to pay the broker's fee.As I hate to pay the OUTRAGE'S broker fee's that they charge to have thing's shipped to Canada. :canada:
I tryed to order a unit from and they told me I have to go through a distributor.They told me that there list price is 254 dollar's.
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