do you prefer Tinted windows or No tint on the C7?

  • Tinted windows

    Votes: 19 73.1%
  • No tint

    Votes: 7 26.9%

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Feb 27, 2014
2019 Z06
Just wondering your guys thoughts on tinting the windows in the C7 Stingray? I'm really debating whether I want to do it or not
On our C6 I wouldn't mind tint on the back glass if it would keep the heat out. Tint for the look alone, I wouldn't bother. I've seen too many tints with bubbles and would want to be careful about having a credible shop do the work.
The 35% tint really didn't impede what I could see. The only time I found I had to put the windows down to see what backing into a black garage at night. Otherwise, I thought it was the perfect blend of sight and keeping the interior just a little cooler. If people can see with 20% tint, go for it!

Here I am leaning against the car with 35% tint just so the OP can see how dark it appears.


Ok, I'm kidding, it's not me but some guy that wanted to pose and get his picture taken to send to a buddy so his friend would think he owned it. The guy was hilarious. I love when stuff like that happens.
When an officer walks up to a car, he would like to see who and what is inside before the window comes down. Nothing worse than looking at a blazing gun as it clears the window coming down. In the U.S. I can understand them being a little paranoid. Downtown Toronto too.
Have there ever been any studies done comparing tinted and non-tinted regarding inside temperature while out in the sun. Between heat from the exhaust system coming up through the middle and the green house back window, the air conditioning gets a good workout on a warm day.
First thing I do when I get any car, new or used, is tint the windows if not already. First thing I did with the C5 convertible was tint the windows, even though some on the U.S. forums state you don't need tint on a vert since they drive with top down all the time. Haven't seen ANY vehicle that does not look better with tint. It also does help in the hot summer sun. Win, win.
5% rear and 20% sides. That's what I have on my Trans Am and love it. Will get the same when my C7 arrives. Sure you can't back up at night. But it looks bad ass. And don't the C7s have cameras? I got pulled over once in Manitoba. But haven't been bothered in Ontario even though the driver and passenger windows are illegal. I've had my windows like that for 25 years on all my cars.
he would like to see who and what is inside before the window comes down.

Sorry Kieth, He just wants to see if he can give you a seatbelt ticket. The only reason they can give you a ticket is film on the windows. If your glass is tinted from the Manufacturer, they cannot give you a ticket.
If you drive down south any, no tint is better for your nerves!

If you get pulled over and have enough tint that the view inside is obscured be prepared to have a drawn pistol greeting you. If there is two officers usually the drawn pistol is standing at the rear on the shoulder, and the officer approaching then only has his hand on his holstered gun. It's happened to me a few times, even without tint, but the tint makes them more weary.

So since my wife is from Kentucky and we go down quite bit, I'll be going with no tint.
I think just by tinting the back window really dark…the sides should naturally darken up more… you think? cheers

For sure it will. The side windows will block out more sunlight making your rear tint seem darker. I'm normally a tint guy, but opted not to for my Vette. I use mine for AutoX and lapping days (trying anyway) so I want all the visibility I can get.

On a red car, tints looks incredible!

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