Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
My new Ultimate Detailing Machine arrived today and guess what - it's a Porter Cable 7424. Freaking A!

It actually feels as though it weighs more than the original UDM and feels really solid even though they both look very similar. The body shapes are identical except for the orbital weight part which appears smaller on the new PC-7424/UDM but then again the weight looks smaller. We should also note there that this is all relative as long as the orbits are the same. I think I may even prefer a shallower "cup" so as to give more flex and give to the orbiting pad. I will try it out this weekend and report back. If I like it I may choose to sell my original UDM which probably was used less than two dozen times.

OK, who wants their cars detailed? My contract is up and it could be a career move :)

Here are some pics of the new gear.


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