Jul 8, 2012
1997 C5
So let me start off by saying I own a 1997 C5 and I love everything about the car and it was in great condition, but as with any car that starts getting old, it was starting to show some of it's age.

I decided to treat the car to a professional detail service that was recommended to me by a friend who had his 2005 BMW M3 detailed as well and WOW I did not realize how bad the car was getting with the paint fading and lots of swirl marks. I'm really glad I decided to do this as the car is in much better shape and looks almost like new!

I used a mobile detailing service that comes to you! So you get to watch the whole process from the comfort of your home and you learn a lot about detailing and the little things about regular maintenance on the car from the detailer, Lorenzo. Lorenzo is a great guy who takes pride in his work. He definitely goes above and beyond his duties to make sure your baby is taken care of!

For all of you that may be curious or interested, Lorenzo is the owner of Inception Automotive Detailing so feel free to check out his website (www.inceptionautodetailing.com/‎) or contact him to get a quote on your car!

I went with a 2 day package that took a total of 19 hours and had my brother photograph the entire process...to see the entire album click the link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.359700614134342.1073741828.278169318954139&type=1

so without further ado

as you can see the car is quite dirty


so time for a wash and strip all the wax


and into the garage to dry off

some before pics



starting the paint correction and swirl removal process


Lorenzo doing his thing

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some before and after pics




notice the swirls around the top light and none around the bottom!

fast foward 19 hours




My C5 and my friend's M3



If you've made it all the way to the end...congratulations! and thank you. Just one last note. The pictures do not do any justice for the quality of work that Lorenzo does!
Very nice job, Pyro and yes I can tell that Lernzo enjoys his work. I've sat in on detailing sessions and had the benefit of a pro detailers expertise and it really is an experience to watch his magic.

IMHO there is nothing more beautiful than a freshly detailed black ride -- Kudos to Lorenzo.

Do you remember any specific tips for the do it yourself guys wanting some pro tips?
Thanks for all the kind words everyone! it's really looking great and with the amazing weather we've had lately, i've been getting a lot more looks and compliments from other drivers :coolgleam:

Do you remember any specific tips for the do it yourself guys wanting some pro tips?

As far as tips go, i did't get any for the actual polishing part but the general upkeep a few points that seem obvious now but i'm glad i learned was to use quality micro fibre towels and professional products (not the canadian tire ones) one place he recommended to get good microfibre towels and professional products was at eShine Canada. Also remove the tags from micro fibre towels to avoid the tags potentially making some very fine micro scratches while you're using it on the car and applying pressure.

One thing i learned that was neat was that when the car is wet, if the water beads up then there is wax on that part of the car but if a part of the car gets wet and the water sheets and kinda stays together rather than bead up it means that part of the car no longer had wax and the paint/clearcoat is being exposed to the elements unprotected!

He also recommends carrying a microfibre towel and a bottle of some "waterless" wash product in the car in case those pesky birds decide to use your car for target practice.

Other than that, once the car is detailed, regular maintenance with your standard 2 bucket wash, quick detail spray and generous applications of wax will help keep the car looking great. Of course there is no better prevention and maintenance than to just be careful and alert around the car to avoid maybe a zipper from a bag hitting the car or any other absent minded mishaps. Also we can't control how other people behave around our cars...i'm sure all of us do this already, but be mindful of where you park and let the passing admirers know that like your wife they can look but they can't touch :rofl:
ido that already to my car ..by myself :coolgleam:

Time is money.........there is some enjoyment in doing it yourself....but 19 hours.......no effin' way i'm spending that time.....rather have someone do it while i'm enjoying some recreational time....

The detail job looks wicked!
Interesting about water beading up on the surface. According to the previous owner, my car has never been waxed, I have never waxed it, and the water beads like it was freshly done??? However, this year the car is due for a clay bar and some Zaino!

Hey Riley, if you take it through car washes most of those tend to apply wax and also some car shampoos contain wax as well so it's possible you have wax on the car but have never applied wax by itself to the car!

Clay bar is amazing, but I would love to have my ride professionally done too.

Lorenzo is actually in Cornwall area from May 24 -26, maybe you can contact him and see if you can work something out!
lorenzo is a real pro, no doubt about it. i used to see alot of restorative detailing when i was in the marine business. customers would sometimes have someone come in to do their boats prior to us doing the first of season prep and splashdown. you soon got to know who was truly professional and who wasn't. there were only certain guys we would display business cards for. lorenzo is the type of meticulous professional that you would not hesitate to recommend.
Hey Riley, if you take it through car washes most of those tend to apply wax and also some car shampoos contain wax as well so it's possible you have wax on the car but have never applied wax by itself to the car!

Very interesting. I never use the car wash but hand wash the car. What do I use.... I haven't washed my car this year.:rofl: I think I use Maguires car wash. I'll have to see if it has waxes in it. Regardless, it'll get a wash with Dawn before hitting it up with Zaino! Not to narc on your thread but my windshield beads like a freshly waxed car and has done this from day one. Does anyone know if there is a coating on the windshield from the factory or something else that would cause it? I love it and would like to keep it from deteriorating if possible.
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