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Jan 5, 2010
2008 C6 Red
Just a quick thanks to Manny for installing the Vararam Intake last Saturday....

Its a great drive to Cambridge and Manny is the "man" to know....

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Getting Corsa's on Saturday

Thanks to the video of your car....I ordered them last weekend and gettting them installed on saturday at Manny's..........really really looking forward to them............hows the rad on your car?:canada:
Is Russ into the repair and mod business? I remember him around here right after the site started and then poof... presto gonzo...

Yes Russ is in the repair business as he runs a smaller shop in Regina. However, he is very knowledgeable on Corvettes as he has had his 04 Z apart and together a few times (long story about a certain dealership doing an extremely poor job under warranty). I'll always take mine to him to get fixed if I can. I'm sure if the market allowed, he would do more mods as I am sure he is very capable.
My C5 is at 90-95C (194-203F), think that is a good operating range.
You can change the Tstat to open at a lower temp, say 160F but then
you also need to adjust the 1st and 2nd fans to lower settings.
Do you have a tune in there or OEM?
What is this Russ and where could a guy locate his shop? I live an hour and a half from Regina and have Extremes ordered and headers in the cart awaiting Manny's input...likely toss a Vararam in for good measure...and need an installer.
Weird to put this on a Thanks Manny thread, but his name is Russ Kemp and he owns a repair shop called Auto Lab...I think. It's just off Albert north of Toy R Us. If you can't get Manny to do it, I'm sure Russ is the next best person to see.
Can't see me driving to Cambridge just to slap in exhaust...would be fun trip but no. And put it here cuz saw his name mentioned here, was going with the flow.
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