Looks like you're getting on the right track. Post any questions related to pictures so we can help. :) I see you have a red favourite!

thanks 67heaven , i am getting closer,old dog new tricks thing !! i hope i am on the right thread for this.:D

There is more than one way to get your photos to post, but all I did was take your link from the first post and add two codes to it, like this...

Your link:

The codes:
[ img]...your link... [ /img]
(the space in each code must be removed for the photo to show)

The way it looks (with spaces still in):
[ img][ /img]
Don't forget to remove the space in the front code and in the rear code. If I didn't insert a space, you wouldn't see what I typed. You'd see the photo. :D
I just click on the IMG code underneath the picture in Photobucket and then copy it into my post here. Works great.

thanks riley; i snapped several shots when i replaced the broken diff cover. also rebuilt calipers and put in new hardware here and there. when i finally got the car on the road other than the new tires people couldn't understand the work i had put in. i would whip out the pics and say " welll lookie here " should be pretty much the same routine all over again this coming spring with the trailing arms lol :D
Doug, are you using Photobucket? If so, just mouse over the picture and a menu will appear below the picture. With the menu showing, move the mouse down to where it says IMG code and click on the text in the box to the right (text starts with
thanks greg; this is just some messing around with windows i have been doing. i was able to put some pics in my album by editing with windows. i have a nero program i am going to fool with too. nero i mainly use for music and movies but i think i will play with it a bit for photo stuff.
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