For the most part the sill is gone on the C5, it is still there but not as bad. I know what you mean though I went for a ride with Mike one night and they had to call the fire department to get me out!:D


Well... I am getting bored with mine already so I may put'er up for sale and get a C5 for summer. Originally planned to do it up for the SIR but even though I chipped it and now have the 3.54 gears...just can't do to my little car! may see you boys tonight.

For sure come on out. I find that getting in the C5, I might as well sit on the ground...except there isn't a steering wheel in the way when I sit on the ground. I know that there are cars that are worse, but going from a truck for the past 16 year....16 years?!?!?!! holy crap I'm getting older. Anyway, what was I saying? If you put a hand on the sill that is there, they really arn't that bad.
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