Just a glorified 'Bracket' race :(, i'm a sponsor of the Friday night 'Heavy Hitter' lane & they asked me if i'd be interested in sponsoring this deal...i passed, i told them you have a bracket race every weekend, why don't you try something new for a change, like heads up :rolleyes:
Still sounds like fun!! but heads up would be alot more fun...must be the same as last years arm drop deal
Similar, since 'Arm Drop' wasn't going to come back this year, they came up with this as a replacemant. We'll probably have a heads up street car shoot-out at the end of the year, a little like last year but with some changes/improvement's :D.
Just a glorified 'Bracket' race :(, i'm a sponsor of the Friday night 'Heavy Hitter' lane & they asked me if i'd be interested in sponsoring this deal...i passed, i told them you have a bracket race every weekend, why don't you try something new for a change, like heads up :rolleyes:

Alright, I'll admit it. I'm usually the first person to narc on bracket racing as I would rather take my automatic 4cyl truck that does consistently slow quarter mile times than my vette or chevelle that would be fast, but inconsistent. Anyway, the point. Everyone likes heads up, but not everyone has the money/time/experience/know-how/abilities to be competitive in heads up street car racing. Doing bracket racing opens opportunities to a wider range of people and levels the playing field pitting driver against driver (I'm sure you already know all of this). Not to be a dweeb, but please try to keep the replies positive. Thanks.
I tend to agree.... what's the point of someone (like me for instance) going out there in my z06 only to race against a twin turbo car or one with a blower on it and loose right out of the blocks... sounds like a money contest, not a drag race... Just my $0.02...
As i mentioned in my earlier post, anybody can go bracket racing at Castrol almost every weekend. It's funny, i've been to lots of tracks & they usually have bracket racing once...maybe twice a month, once a guy gets around then comes back here you realise pretty quick Castrol is bracket race central, hands down. For the record, as i also metioned earlier, i'm a sponsor at Castrol & yes they know how i feel, i've come to accept the fact a long time ago nothing is going to change. The heads up guys are treated like 2nd class citizen's :swear:. You go out there on a Saturday & if you lose in the first round or choose to not go into first round they tell you to go sit in the Test & Tune lane, well they'll run two, sometimes three rounds of brackets while the T&T guys sit...i'm going like...i paid the same money as these guys to get in, just because i 'want' to Test this is what i get? I'm not against bracket racing, if you look in my albums you'll see i build lots of Super Gas, Super Comp & Top Sportsman engines & all those guys know how i feel too, bracket racing is fine...just not every single weekend! Wasn't/Am not trying to start a big debate, just wanted to point out what this particular race is all about :seeya:
If it wasn't for bracket racing these tracks would close down faster than they already are. Sorry heads up racers don't pay the bills.
You didn't read my post...I was stating it doesn't have to be bracket racing 'Every' weekend, like it is now. This race we're talking about is supposed to be draw, hence the 'Shoot-Out' in the title, not something anybody can watch every weekend.The track openly admits they want to get more fans out, instead of the racers paying the heavy load, you ever been to a Sat./Sun. race (bracket) at Castrol? You won't have trouble finding a seat, people don't want to watch that kind of racing every single weekend. The real track's all accross N.A. draw fans in, they know that's what pays to keep the light's on, racers shouldn't be counted on to do that, not if the track expect's to succeed for the long term. Maybe i shouldn't say this here but you want to know what the track here really want's...? To sell beer! They told me that to my face, that's why the circle track here does so good, people in the seats drinking beer. There is more walk up on a Friday night to watch heads up street legal cars than a Sat./Sun. bracket race combinded. I've been around this game a long time, no need to explain to me that not everybody can afford to be flat out heads up every run down the strip. Kim Reeves from Castrol called me a couple days ago asking if i would sit down with her & her husband to bounce some idea's around regarding the track & more specifically the street program(s). One thing they are talking about is limiting the car count on Friday night's to 225 max., they have been doing that for years in Mission B.C., so at least the cars that are on the property get some runs instead of paying your money for one or two runs. Again i'm not trying to be confontational on this, just want to make sure my message doesn't get twisted. Hope everybody that goes to the Shoot-Out runs safe & fast :seeya:
I don't think I am going to the Street Car Shoot out anymore... Going to street legals on Friday night and then back to Red Deer for Saturday AutoCross event with the Sports Car Club..... and put some more marks in my front bumper from cones!!! lol
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