and the countdown begins.:D 6:46 this evening......tho I think mother nature is a little screwed up with temps predicted at -10 tomorrow night. and maybe colder up near you Keith.

Warmer weather has to be around the corner doesn't it? :eek:

We didn't get any but Peterborough had about an inch of the sloppy stuff. No fifty degree weather for the next week at least. April is almost here so something has to give pretty soon. We're itching to get out on the road. :driving:
I started putting my '69 Chevelle away in '72 so I've been through this routine a time or two. It doesn't get any better.


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I drove the Coquihala this morning from Summerland to Langley..(360kms)
There was fresh snow on the sides of the highway at the Summitt.
It rained most of the trip home.
We had the daily driver for this trip. They had sanded the roads during the morning.
I licensed the C5 today. It is in a show all next week. Time to clean and hope for decent weather on Monday for the drive into Vancouver.
It is raining here this afternoon but I got the engine compartment done outside anyway.
Tomorrow I pull the wheels and get them done.


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Snowed here almost all day, heavy wet snow. Things were just starting to dry up and we get hit again.

Good luck cleaning up the car Graham, I did a bunch of cleaning in the fall but once it warms up a bit I want to lift the car so I can clean underneath a little better. I have a bunch of 8" x 8" posts to put under the suspension when it is up in the air. Man I would love to have a lift someday.
Got the 2003 into the Vancouver International Auto Show this afternoon.
I was lucky and got a two hour window where the roads were dry...
That saved many hours of re-cleaning...
Our car is part of a seven generation Corvette display.

The whole display looks awesome thanx to DUECK GM here in Vancouver, our club sponsor.
I'll get a 7-car group shot tomorrow.
The drive into town was the first drive of spring... I can't wait to get the car back on Sunday and start off the Corvette season.
thanx for looking
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Here in Ontario we can`t hit 40F for the next week according to the latest weather forecast and it is 5F now. Looks like mid April again this year. Enjoy your driving and Vancouver weather, the rest of the country is not so fortunate. The car is looking mighty good and we are looking forward to your group shot.
You've spiffied that ride up beautifully Graham........I'll bet it's the 'gem' of the group.

Would love to see the group shot when you get time. Very unique.

We're getting close to 'vette' weather here but still cold at night (-5 to -10).

Hoping to get the cars on the road by April 1st.
Enjoy that fine weather and send some our way please.

Here's a link to a poor video of the show display.
Most of the cars are owned by DUECKs except the C4 & C5 which are owned by two of us in the Riverside Corvette Club.
This auto show means spring is coming..The show is full of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, GSRs, race cars, Driving schools, etc...
thanx for looking.
..........the forecast for here in the south is for warmer temps returning after the weekend.......and possible snow flurries in the meantime.:(

This morning we're supposed to get some freezing rain to deal with. UGG!

A little while longer folks.

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