Mar 23, 2009
1975 L-82
I was reading another thread and thought this might be an idea for updating speed traps ect. Not that we all speed, but I know with myself it is hard not to just a little!!!:D:canada:

Anyways, I live S of town and there have been MANY RCMP out and about, and pulling over a lot of people. They sit at Grasswood road between the 2 gas stations and radar everyone. They usually have a couple cars further south in the middle of the highway with there vehicles pointed directly at you so they are not so noticable. Rember also that the speed limit is only 100km/hr from Stoon til after Grasswood!! Then the speed limit goes up to 110.

If you do get pulled over:(....don't be an idiot!! were speeding, just admit it, and carry on, it may be the difference between a stern warning and a $300 ticket...:seeya:

Drive safe this season everyone!!! Woooohooo!!...the snow is almost gone!!:D

oh...and also heading south on Clarence past Stonebridge and the Willows Golf Course, there is usually a radar set up. It feels like a highway:confused:, but the speed limit is only 80km/hr for a bit then drops to 60 fairly soon because of the Hamlet(?) of Grasswood.:(
I have always found the turn off to Regina Beach to be a hot spot for the RCMP's to target cars. Mostly it occurs on long weekends because of the increase in drunk people trying to make it back to the city. So, on long weekends, between Regina and Regina Beach, watch out for the RCMP and drunk people on the road.
You know what is crazy is that I feel I am far more likly to recive a ticket in my DD truck than in the Vette, I find the car very easy to keep at the speed limit, were as my truck I will not feel any change and I look down and the speedo is no where near where it was when I last looked.:eek:

Knock on wood that I won't get one in either, I try to be very speed contious and actually dislike the people who have not figured out that they don't get anywhere speeding, but in the truck I set the cruise even in the city because it just creeps up and you can't tell.

I always find it hard to slow down when the speed limit changes from 110 to 100 at Grasswood. Does anyone know why the speed changes? Does Grasswood mark the start of the city limits?
I was told because it is a "major intersection"......but how does 10kms make a difference???? I think it is more to wake people up and take notice. There have been MANY fatalities in the past at that intersection, but they have merge lanes now!!
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