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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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The younger generation hasn't done squat--you're right.................

because they've been saddled with the debt for creating all that stuff in the first place. :).

On a serious note, the numbers are staggering. Pretend your family income is $21,700. Now realize you've spent $38,200 this year--that's $16,500 new debt on the credit card!!

And oh yeah--the new outstanding balance on the credit card is now $142,710--so now you make budget cuts of $38.50 to appease the powers that be. Fiscal Cliff is still coming--they've just delayed for a tougher fall. Buy gold my friends?

Don't believe me? Add 8 "zeros" to each of those numbers--it's an accurate picture of what's happening to our neighbors in the south.

Now for part 2--Let's say you come home from work and your sewer backed-up all the way to the ceiling? A smart person would suck the crap out and clean up--not raise the celings.

Sorry for the rant, LOL. I did love the poster though Colin--and yes, we should respect our older generation. They've done a lot and have have enjoyed the greatest standard of living in the history of mankind as a reward.


As for the debt issues. I don't know the validity of this information but:

U.S. household consumer debt profile:

Average credit card debt: $15,422
Average mortgage debt: $149,782
Average student loan debt: $34,703

I wish my student load debt was so little.:mad: Anyway, as stated, the building of the interstates and getting to the moon is a good reason way America is so blessed and cursed. Great leaps in technology......and debt! Because of the good times back then, no one wants to give anything up in exchange for a better economic future.

Rock and Roll will never die....the mullets just get a little grayer is all.:D
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