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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Well finally decided to get the suspenion underway and ordered a set of C6 Z06 shocks for the car.
I got a great price $236 plus shipping from a US company and with the dollar at almost par was a deal
that I could not refuse to jump on.

C6 Z06 shocks direct replacement for C5's.
10313647 - Front Shock
25819268 - Rear Shock

Anyways still have to get a good pair of swabars front and rear along with ditching those plastic :eek:
end links which I have already replaced a broken one last year that Manny spotted when on the lift.

I will let you all know how the new Z shocks feel and handle when installed, road trip to Manny's again :D

And the mods continue..........
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Lol he's my HERO... It helps that I always have something to say... Even to those that don't want to listen :)

I already have the chicks so I don't have to worry (wife and 2 daughters :D)
Your a lucky man Tony :
Vette ,wife and two daughters :canada:

What more could a man want .

Maybe more mods :rofl:

Greg , let me know when parts arrive and I will squeeze you in buddy .

[email protected]

Also a lucky man am I

Wife, boy 21 , girl 23 , a vette and get to work on them everyday :canada:

I'm a freakin millionare :rofl:

Now I just to find some more mod funds :rofl:
Well Manny got the shocks installed this morning along with a spring oil change and I am very happy at the difference.
The car handles more flat then with the old Z51 shocks and if you push it a bit in the corners you do not get that
lean that I used to have, in all a great cheap performance mod on a C5.
I am very impressed with the performance on the 08 Z06 shocks and for the price at just under $300 its a great mod.
Next is a pair of swaybars for the front and rear with some good bushings and metal endlinks to replace those plastic ones.
Thanks again Manny!
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