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Sep 16, 2013
Nova Scotia
2020 C8 Z51
Weather was OK today so I finished up some of my planned mods for the car... thought I share some crappy iPhone pictures

1. Chrome Stringray replaced with a CF one
2. Front chrome grille brace plasti dipped
3. Corvette flags replaced with much nicer ones
4. Black Gorilla lugs
5. Under the skin... Carbotech 1521s installed with XP10 in the garage for track days
6. Lowered the car on the stock bolts

A couple of observations.

I notice no difference in ride quality and there is still plenty of ride height. I will be curious if I rub inside the fender on hard track days.

So far I LOVE the Carbotech pads. They have better perceived bite than the Z51 pads and should (too early to tell) cut down on brake dust. The main reason I bought them was to have pad compound compatibility between the XP10s I'll run at the track. Getting the front OEM pads out was a royal PITA due to the backing tape many have reported. It took some creativity but I got it done. Rear pads were easy as pie.

I replaced the pads and lowered the car in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Easy job really.

Sorry for the poor quality photos.

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looks good man!!, mine will be dropped this summer as well on aftermarket bolts… along with Lashway Skirts and front splitter… I want to personalize it …I hear there will be a few in my neighbourhood, lol Next summer it will be a twin turbo for sure… whatever it takes to get as much WHP as my Zl1… its lagging behind big time right now… haha
Did you only lower the back, or did you do both?

Looks better either way! Any other mods planned in the near future?

Lowered both... the rear is still higher than the front (the picture is a bit deceiving).

I might swap out the steering wheel with a flat bottom one from Carravagio. Maybe some HRE wheels. That's likely it... other than lines/pads/fluid for the track.
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