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Mar 5, 2011
brighton ontario/Port Charlotte Fla
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Its gone and I will probably never buy another.
I enjoyed the lunch at peterbough, and the people.
I bought a new Suv, its not a Chev. The magic of a Vette is gone after the bullshit with lack of courtesy and integrty chev in Toronto.
I hated the car every time I looked at it, because of the dealer
Its too bad but that is the way I feel.
Glad to got what you wanted Dan, we've enjoyed the time you've spent with us.
We all hope you stick around with us and join our conversations.

Do you still want your order of 2 medium tees and one hat?

that's too bad that idiot dealer soured you on the car dan. maybe come the good weather you might even start to consider a nice hobby car like a c3 or c4 ? you know of course that you are always welcome to join us airport guys. chin up buddy. doug.
yes TQ sorry you had a bad experience, I was in TO on Sunday at the NCRS swap meet at Wilson Nibletts and they all seemed like a good bunch there...I hope enjoy your next hobby
We are about to pull the trigger on our dream house in FLA.It has a 3 car stable.
There is a shop in Sarasota Fla just up the road from us, that builds and sells completed fast 5 AC Cobras.
They are 5 litre HO fords with a 6 speeds ,side exhaust,Halibrand type wheels etc for $36,000 and only 6% sales tax.

Maybe this dream could come true also.
Thanks for all the kind words fellows.
Best of luck with your new car Dan! Sorry that the dealership was such a POS and ruined the car for you. As stated by Colin, I hope you stick around to enjoy and add to the conversations here!
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