Dec 20, 2009
2007 Z51
Batten down the hatches guys, the snow is going to hit tonight around 9pm

Get the snow blowers ready :mad:...Gassed mine up last night :D
Already here in Midland. Expecting 20-25 by tomorrow night if weatherman is right. Bring on Spring!
If we really get socked in, I may have to post more old school stuff. :D

Gotta keep those young whippersnappers on their toes.
When they predict a lot of snow, it seems that we get little. I hope their record continues. Just in case though, I filled the snow blower with gas and fired it up just to make sure it still runs. It hasn't been used in almost a month. Spring would be a good idea right about now.
We'll just have to start talking about jetting, advance curves, pinion angles and such to bamboozle the kids. Them :confused: Us :D

Start posting the old stuff Bob. :)
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Jeesh -- crazy weather: started snowing about 6 and dropped about 1/2 a centimeter and quit. You guys up north hogging all the snow again.:D

I got a hunch I'll be up in morning -- shovel in hand about 6am. we'll see.

Ah, you're all a bunch of wimps. :D

Snow banks in my laneway are 4 feet high right now. What's another foot of snow. :mad:
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OK, I think we are moving up in your neighborhoods, we have already shoveled twice and by the time we finished, the driveway was covered again. The only thing that keeps me going is when I walk by my little lady :D
Just another day here...probably 6 or 7 inches overnight. Just got home from driving wife to work. First one down our street so I had to plow my own path. Love that AWD! No school today...all buses are cancelled. This crap is heavy, has the consistency of sugar. I'll post some pictures later.
Gettin' a workout today : done the drive 3 times (about 2" per) and the back (for the kids) twice and just now going back out for another go.

This'll either make me stronger or kill me - I suspect the latter. :seeya:

Yeeeeeeee-uck! Although the temperatures have really sucked here, we haven't had any snow since Christmas! However, I would rather take a lot of snow and warmer temperatures than f-ing cold with no snow. I have a 4x4 that I want to play in the snow with!

Come on over Riley. We've got lots here! Windchill is -13 too.
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