Dec 20, 2009
2007 Z51
Fire up the snow blowers today boys...Looks like winter has finally arrived in Ontario :(....

This makes short work of it:

We only got maybe 6 inches here. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sunny out now.
We've had our old Honda since 2000 and it was a few years old then. Went out this morning and it would not start. First time in its life. We dragged it down from the shed to the garage that has heat. I gave it one last pull and it started as if it had been running five minutes before. I'm not sure but I think I heard it giggle. Perhaps the 25+ year old plug needs replacing. We might have had 4 inches of snow tops. If nothing else, the days are getting longer. ;)
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Well I didn't want to complain about 20 inches of snow and 50 mph winds but I guess I will .

There was way to much snow for the wife to shovel so I put the minute plow on the truck .Now I haven't got the foggiest Idea why they are called minute plows because I busted a nut for a half hour .

The thing I hate most in life is plowing snow but it works out well ,I sit inside next to the stove with my lap top and the TV on .The wife is out plowing and I talk to her on my cell phone as how she's doing .
This year I went out and bought one of them new fangled ergonomic snow shovels.
The wife says it is much easier on her back !!!
The last 2 years I had to clean out the mouse nest in the snow blower's transmission.It would not move.
It was ok for 18 years now they have discovered my shed.
I do not mind as long as they stay out of the Vette, parked at the model house.
They built a nest the air box of my wife's Beatle and burned out the computer as we disregarded the sevice light for months
Good thing It was under warranty, as it was $1500.
Got to love the country
we're getting it again today, boxing day was the most snow we've seen in a couple years, driveway was 14" deep and wet on the bottom, the old John Deer blower is finally getting a good workout again, now if I could just figure out how to keep the snow plows from filling in the end of the driveway again and again ...... spring is looking better already!
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