Jun 4, 2017
Martensville, SK
Corvette, 2023, Z51
I sat down for a discussion at Saskatoon Motor Products on Corvette allocations and when we might see an E-Ray. I'm #3 on the E-ray list. The manager indicated they got 7 allocations in 2021 and are expecting 12 in 2022. So at that rate, I'm likely not going to see my allocation until late in 2024. My deposit was down in October of 2021, so it looks like a three year wait for an E-ray. Not sure if the other dealers have seen any better, but I'd be surprised if there is a higher volume dealer in Saskatoon.
If you’re #3 on the ERay list at a smallish dealer I think you would be luck to see a car by 2026. The big 3 are just getting Z06s trickling in, and I don’t think they have even cleared the top 3 on their lists.
Also, all allocations were lower in 2022 vs 2021 so their guess of 12 this year is probably not realistic.
I don’t think you can call it a 3 year wait for an ERay since the car isn’t currently available. But I truly hope you do get a car in 2024- good luck!
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